Sunday, 5 January 2014

Message for Hamish

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Not only do I keep on thinking about the squash we have never played, but I also keep on thinking about how even the most iniquitous of the men can become the hero of human kind from one moment to another, sufficing that he ask God to operate on him. 

I think that God may have chosen you for several things beyond your understanding.

If you let Him speak through you, as I have always done myself, you will finally do what you should.

When we do common things, the commoners like us and stay as close to us as possible.

When we do spectacular things, we stay above them and really far from them, but we also stay much closer to God.

There is always a choice to be made and there are always losses and gains involved.

Please do not think like the peasants in so troubled times. 

Think like the king, the hero, and the worthwhile. 



Your name has six letters and mine has this amount of letters too.

The distance between H and M in the alphabet is like H-I-J-K-L-M.

Have you noticed?

Oh, well, that is six somehow... .

I believe we have enough sixes to call the beasts, so that there is nothing we cannot get together in this world, realize?

Even the most unthinkable of the miracles... . 

See what I got from the Internet:
Bible prophecy describes a powerful leader and his government or empire as the Beast."

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