Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Love and Hate

Today we read a text written by Michael Luckman (Luckman, 2014) at LinkedIn (Recruiters Vs. Job Seekers - Helping Them Connect).
He said: The opposite of Love is not Hate, it is Fear.
We have been thinking of these words for long and we ourselves reached the conclusion that the truth is not exactly what Mr. Luckman said.

The truth is that, to tell love from hate, we must see the effects of the feelings we analyze on the person who is supposed to be loved or hated: In case the feelings of another generate fear in them, then it is the forces of hate or the forces of hell. In case the feelings of another generate happiness in them, then it is the forces of love or the forces of heavens.

One can tell whether a couple is meant to be together or not through how they feel after they became a couple individually: If they feel happier, more productive, more centered, and etc., then being in that particular couple is a good thing for them. If they feel more anxious, less productive, and etc., then the couple was not a good deal for them.

In general, the opposite of love is hate, for we must analyze the effects of these feelings in our psyche: If we love, we want to spend as much time as possible with the person we love, but if we hate, then we would like the person to not even exist.

We do not really like seeing texts like this one, written by Mr. Luckman, around.

He seems to be starting some sort of brainwashing on us in terms of the feelings and words he talks about.

Brainwashing is against God’s principles, and here we do talk about the god from The Bible.

He says, at certain height: But in my life it is my relationship with God, and God alone, that brings me even more than just comfort and structure; it brings me enormous joy and happiness, unconditional love for ALL my brothers and sisters.

Unconditional love is not only an irrational thing, but it is something absolutely forbidden by the god of The Bible.

We should never ever love anyone unconditionally; not even ourselves.

If we do something that we consider repulsive, then we’d better hate ourselves until we can compensate others for what we have done, in case that be possible, or get the forgiveness of a higher authority, since only through repentance can we fix ourselves and acquire wisdom and that should be one of the reasons for us to remain in this world (to acquire wisdom).


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  1. 4 the most I understand your vision Marcia.
    The words written by Mr. LUCKman [what's in a name ?] are without ANY DOUBT brainwashing.
    Whether God is against brainwashing I'm not sure. The Psalms are for instance SUSPICIOUS in my opinion.

    On the other hand, being a logician, I'm glad I can't even JUDGE words, higher VALUES, ethics, religion, the LOT.

    Rest assure I am even NO atheist Madam !