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Rio de Janeiro is one of the filthiest holes of this world.

Public and easily observable behavior of the locals

During carnival, in Rio de Janeiro, still these days, under daylight, one will find a crowd of the size of an entire town peeing on the streets, and sometimes even pooing, believe it or not. 

It is not that these less than animals do not know toilets yet or do not have those available around them, but they are probably drunk  and tired and do not mind defecating and urinating at the face of everyone else where everyone steps, basically. is just one of the many instances of capture of the images of this sort of event by the popular press.


We visited Rio (we hate the place and never wanted to be in it, but for odd reasons spent long time of our existence in it and got the unbelievable stolen by it) in 2003 and were inside of a kiosk, which had a camera pointing at its entrance and was located in front of the police station at the bus terminal.

Basically, there was this desk person who promised keeping an eye on our notebook for us (our first Toshiba (bought in 2001), a second-hand machine that was sold to us by an official reseller of the government of Australia, a wonderful human creation), even though we were going to put it extremely close to our leg once inside of the cabin.

It was the time to stare at their computer and back and the notebook was gone forever, with an entire remake of our translation of the book of John Casti, Five Golden Rules, that we put ourselves to do for very odd reasons.

It contained quite a few documents of high importance.

Believe it or not, they alleged, the cops that stay in front of the place, like at a distance of perhaps less than 20 meters, in a straight line, that the camera was not pointing at the kiosk by the time it happened and that they then saw nothing.

The desk lady also alleged that she saw nothing.

The owner rejected the idea of compensating us or investigating things any further. That was a man who spoke Spanish, therefore it was a man who was not born in Brazil.

Already in the 90’s, there was a joke that circulated in Brazil meant to tell what carioca culture was:

The president of the USA and the president of Brazil were both inside of an airplane. The president of the USA asked the Brazilian president: Are we already in Rio? The Brazilian president said nothing, but put his Rolex close to the window. When he brought the wrist back, there was no Rolex on it anymore. He then said: It looks like we have arrived.

Collective Hygiene
In Rio, the trash is collected almost every day by the employees of COMLURB in the city, for instance ( Even so, there is nowhere a person can go that be street where we do not find dirt.

According to, Rio de Janeiro ranks nine in the list of the dirtiest cities on earth, but they bring Buenos Aires, a place where we have been, as number six, what we deem to be impossible to believe: Buenos Aires was an extremely clean place compared to Rio de Janeiro when we visited it, and that was about one decade ago.

Typical Sociology and Topology

The place lives in civil war between social classes and everyone who has got some money is surrounded by groups of people from the heights who have none, basically.

These people from the heights, the slums people, hold every sort of weapon that not even the Brazilian military personnel hold.

A subject of debate in the press in Brazil was once, for instance, the so famous AR-15 because the marginalia from the heights had those, yet those are exclusive property of the Armed Forces of the United States of America (,d.dGI&cad=rja).

The mountains, where the slums usually are, are told to be small communities, but they actually are small pockets of marginalia. 

Everyone in the slums (from the heights) will know who the king or queen of their mountain is, basically.

That one they will respect and treat as an authority.

Violence in general

This is one of the many sources of information about the present level of violence in Rio de Janeiro:

With much regret, we confess having told their locals that we thought Australia was a first world nation only because they hid their actual figures of violence (2003, when of our visit).

Since back then, they must not be taking note of several crimes that happen there trying to imitate Australia, since that is all Brazil, especially Rio, has ever done.

We say that because the source we have just mentioned claims that the rate of homicide has decreased in Rio recently and we think we are sure that this is not possible.

Rates of violence and crime just go up in Rio de Janeiro all the time, for very obvious reasons, instead.

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