Thursday, 5 December 2013

Limits in disloyalty in competition with women, women x women: Do they really exist?

  1. Monica Seles, 1993: Stabbed not to win in tennis ( Since this is an only-female competition, we do infer that another female organized this stabbing with the man who did it in order to knock her out; 
  2. Inquisition, all the way through, 1470-1570, usually independent and attractive women were the ones to be accused of witchery: ( Most informal accusations were made by women against other women,…; 
  3. Daniella Perez, 1992: Killed by Paula Thomaz and her husband, Guilherme Padua. Paula was jealous of her husband because he would appear in scenes of a certain soap opera with Daniella ( states that Paula Thomaz drove the vehicle that should actually have been named Daniella’s death carriage;
  4. Susan Worrall, 2008: (killed by the sister, argument about a hair shaper and Internet);
  5. Ashley Indico, 2013: (sister-in-law kills her and Ashley was pregnant);
  6. Sister, 2012: (she had an affair with her sister’s husband and even became pregnant. She was also a married woman). With no shame, she still asks for advice over the Internet about what she should be doing. According to her, however, she had a noble gesture as a result of regret: After two weeks of affair, she finished all;
  7. Daughter, 2008: (the mother confesses having had sex, and by the way really great sex, with the boyfriend of her daughter. According to her, she hopes that he will tell the daughter and she envies her daughter for having such a man in bed, basically); 
  8. Marcia Pinheiro, 2000: An Argentinian hairdresser from UQ almost destroyed our scalp forever in 2000, as we asked her to turn our hair into blonde. She first kept on asking us why we wanted to change the color of our hair, and she did this several times, and then, after she started doing it, she kept on repeating that she had never done that before (a hairdresser?). She ends up pouring milk over our head after applying and reapplying her mix and getting our head burning, like almost on fire… . A good native Australian woman, also a hairdresser, from a more expensive salon, recommended to us by a native female from our college, fixed the work of the Argentinian woman, who had left our hair grey instead of blonde, and our scalp full of injuries, even after all that absurd sequence of crime (we cannot call that less than crime);
  9. It is never ending… .

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